Application of Angle Seat Valve

Application of Angle Seat Valve

Application of Angle Seat Valve

Application equipment: Purified water machine / multi effect distilled water machine / biological fermentation / liquid preparation system / heat exchange system / online cleaning / online sterilization, etc.

Application Industry: Pharmaceutical industry.

Application valves: Angle seat valve / proportional control valve, etc.

Applicable medium: Steam / water / medicine.

Valve selection: Angle seat valve / proportional control valve.

Valve selection (angle seat valve): Suitable for high frequency switch, alternating hot and cold conditions, high temperature resistance, fast reaction speed, accurate control and long service life.

Proportional control valve: Accurate position feedback, accurate flow regulation, independent research and development of valve + regulating cone and regulator, very high matching, perfect flow curve, can achieve linear output and equal percentage output.

Application equipment: Beer barrel cleaning machine, beer barrel filling cleaning machine.

Application industry: Beer equipment.

Application valves: Angle seat valve, regulating valve, etc.

Angle seat valve advantages: Accurate control, fast response, good stability, long life, beautiful appearance, can add manual limit, position indication, position feedback and other accessories.

Angle Seat valve product page for all our Angle Seat valves currently on offer. We manufacture and supply types JZ-PN16, JZF-PN16 and JZTS-PN16.

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