Introduction and Characteristics of Quick Coupling

Introduction and Characteristics of Quick Coupling

Introduction and Characteristics of Quick Coupling

Introduction and Characteristics of Quick Coupling. Quick joint is a joint that can realize pipeline connection or disconnection without tools.

The quick couplings produced by Jiedi Company can be divided into the following: quick couplings for air, quick couplings for oxygen, fuel, gas, quick couplings for gas and liquid, and quick couplings for oil pressure.

Quick coupling is a type of connection that allows for the quick and easy exchange of fluid lines.

The technology has been around for many years and is used in a variety of industries. Quick coupling is popular for its convenience, safety, and reliability.

Quick coupling is made up of two parts: a male part that is inserted into the female part.

The male part has a threaded connection that is inserted into the female part which has a corresponding threaded connection.

The female part has a spring-loaded valve that is opened when the male part is inserted and closed when the male part is removed. This provides a secure and reliable connection.

One of the main advantages of quick coupling is its speed and convenience. Quick coupling makes it easy to connect and disconnect fluid lines quickly and easily.

This reduces downtime and increases productivity. It also eliminates the need to manually screw and unscrew connections which can be a time-consuming process.

Quick coupling is also a safe and reliable connection. The spring-loaded valve ensures that fluid connections are secure and there is no risk of leaking.

This also eliminates the risk of contamination. Quick coupling is also resistant to corrosion which makes it a reliable connection.

Quick coupling is used in a variety of industries including automotive, industrial, and medical. It is also used in plumbing, HVAC, and other applications.

Quick coupling is a reliable, safe, and convenient connection that is used in many different industries.

Quick Coupling Valve

Application features

Time-saving and labor-saving: when disconnecting and connecting the oil circuit through the quick coupling the action is simple. This is saving time and manpower.

Medium-saving: when the oil circuit is broken, the one-way valve on the quick coupling can close the oil circuit so that the oil will not flow out and avoid the loss of oil and oil pressure.

Environmental protection: when the quick connector is broken while connected, the medium will not leak. The quick coupling is design to prevent leakages under such situations and is therefore very suitable for contributing to protection of the environment from spills.

Equipment into parts, convenient transportation: large equipment or hydraulic tools that need to be easy to carry, use the quick connector to separate and transport, and then assemble and use after reaching the destination.

The equipment is divided into parts for easy transportation. This includes the easy transportation of large equipment or hydraulic tools that need to be easily carried from place to place.

The solution uses quick connectors to disassemble for the transportation purposes and then assemble for usage after reaching the destination.

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Characteristics of Quick Coupling

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