Our new product: Fully Lined Ceramic Ball Valve


User location: Italy
Delivery date: October 2018
Installation date: March 2019
Valve diameter: DN50
Pressure Level: PN16
Drive mode: Single-acting pneumatic
Medium type: Concentrated ammonia water + copper powder
Temperature: 280℃
Pressure: 1Mpa

Our new product: Fully Lined Ceramic Ball Valve

Our new product: Fully Lined Ceramic Ball Valve. As we know, ammonia water is strongly corrosive, and the 1Mpa copper powder slurry has strong erosion and wear to the valve.

In addition, when the temperature is up to 280℃, it becomes an extreme test for the sealing performance of the valve.

Our customer from Italy had been troubled by its short operation life and easy leakage of valves in this working condition for a long time.

Under such high temperature and scouring conditions, ordinary soft-sealed valves are obviously not a good option; but even metal hard-sealed valves have same issues under the high-speed scouring and wear of copper powder.

Before replacing our ceramic ball valve, the customer used the metal hard-sealed ball valve from Perrin, Japan. The using time is basically less than six months.

The valve is prone to leakage of the sealing surface, and needs to be replaced and repaired frequently, which increases the customer\’s cost.

In response to the problems that customers encounter when using valves, we provided with a set of professional ceramic lining and ceramic sealing ball valve.

The valve was installed and put into use in March 2019, up to now, the using time has been more than one year, and the valve is working completely normally.

It is expected to be used as long as three years, which not only saves the customer’s valve purchasing costs, also save costs for maintenance and replacement.

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