JZTS-PN16 Angle Seat Valve

JZTS-PN16 Clamp Angle Seat Valve

Function Principle

Angle seat valve is closed/open with a spring force. When the piston is actuated by compressed air, the angle seat valve is open/closed. The angle seat valve is open and closed by compressed air in the case of double acting type.


  • Beer & Drinks Flling Machinery
  • Textile Printing & Dyeing
  • Gas Industry
  • Pharmacy & Medical Equipment
  • Chemical Industry
  • Disinfection
  • Frothing Equipment
  • Water/Sewage Disposal


  • Large Flux,low Resistance, No Water-hammer
  • Y-type Shape Enlarged The Flowing Section, which Could Raise The Flux By 30% And Make Flow More Smooth.
  • Super Long Life
  • Which Help The Stem Adjust And Lubricate itself Automatically.
  • The Cylinder Ma terial Is Stainless Steel. lubricating Automatically, 360° Rolling Freely.

JZTS-PN16 Angle Seat Valve

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