S10L Safety Valve And Needle Valve

Safety Valve Application:

The overflow safety valves are used in water or oil systems, high temperature pipes and various caustic piping systems. Safety valves belong to the category of automatic valves, which are mainly used in boilers, pressure vessels and pipelines. The control pressure does not exceed the specified value and it plays an important role in protecting the personal safety and equipment. The safety valve must be pressure tested before it can be used. Safety valves are mainly used in: steam boilers, liquefied petroleum gas tank cars or liquefied petroleum gas railway tank cars, oil production wells, high-pressure bypasses of steam power generation equipment, pressure pipes, pressure vessels, etc.

Operating Principle:

The safety valve is normally closed under the action of external force on the opening and closing parts. When the medium pressure in the equipment or pipeline rises above the specified value, the medium is discharged to the outside of the system to prevent the medium pressure in the pipeline or equipment from exceeding the specified value.

After installing the piping system, the overflow valve will open automatically as soon as the pressure of the medium in the system has reached the set value.

Technical Parameters:

  • Operating pressure: 0.1 ~ 35Bar.
  • Operating temperature:FKM Sealing:-20~180℃, RPTFE Sealing: -60~220℃, PTFE Sealing: -60~170℃, EPDM Sealing: -40~110℃

S10L Safety Valve And Needle Valve

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