Twenty five taboos for valve installation-I

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Twenty five taboos for valve installation-I

Twenty five taboos for valve installation-I. Valves are the most common equipment in chemical enterprises.

It seems easy to install valves, but if they are not implemented in accordance with relevant technologies, safety accidents will be caused.

Today, I would like to share some experience and knowledge about valve installation.

Valve Installation Taboo 1

If a construction takes place under the winter-like weather conditions, a water pressure test is to be carried out in below zero temperatures.

Consequences: while conducting a water pressure test, the pipe freezes quickly due to the below zero temperatures.

Measures: carry out a hydraulic test before the construction under winter weather conditions commences. Empty the water from the tubes after the pressure test has been completed. Any liquid must especially be removed from the valve to prevent its oxidation, freezing and even cracking in severe cases.

When the water pressure test is carried out in the winter, the project must be carried out in a room temperature environment. The water must be removed from valve and pipes after the pressure test has concluded.

Valve Installation Taboo 2

The pipeline system was not flushed carefully before completion, and the flow rate and speed did not meet the pipeline flushing requirements. It even replaces flushing with water pressure strength test.

Consequences: the water quality does not meet the operating requirements of the pipeline system, which often results in the reduction or blockage of the pipeline cross-section.

Measures: use the maximum flow in the system or a water flow speed not less than 3m/s for flushing. The water color and transparency of the discharge outlet should be consistent with the water color and transparency of the inlet water.

Taboos for valve installation,!

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