Twenty five taboos for valve installation-II

Twenty five taboos for valve installation-II

Twenty five taboos for valve installation-II

Twenty five taboos for valve installation-II. Valves are the most common equipment in chemical enterprises.

It seems easy to install valves, but if they are not implemented in accordance with relevant technologies, safety accidents will be caused.

Today, I would like to share some experience and knowledge about valve installation.

Valve Installation Taboo 3

Sewage, rainwater, and condensate pipes are concealed without closing the water test.

  • Consequences: It may cause water leakage and loss of usage.
  • Measures: The closed-water test shall be checked and accepted in strict accordance with the specifications. Sewage, rainwater, condensate pipes, etc. buried underground, installed in ceilings, pipe rooms, etc. must be ensured not to leak.

Valve Installation Taboo 4

During the hydraulic strength test and tightness test of the pipeline system, only the pressure value and water level change are observed. And the leakage inspection is not sufficient enough.

  • Consequences: Leakage occurs after the pipeline system is in operation, affecting the normal use.
  • Measures: When the piping system is tested in accordance with the design requirements and construction specifications, in addition to recording the pressure value or water level change within the specified time, it is particularly necessary to carefully check whether there is a leakage problem.

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