Valve Degreasing Method

Valve Degreasing Method

Valve Degreasing Method

Cleaning Steps

The valve parts must go through the following processes before the assembly:

  1. According to the processing requirements, some parts need to be polished and the surface should not have processing burrs, etc.
  2. All parts are degreased.
  3. After degreasing is completed, pickling and passivation is carried out, and the cleaning agent does not contain phosphorus.
  4. Rinse with pure water after pickling and passivation. There should be no residues of chemicals. This step is omitted for carbon steel parts.
  5. Use non-woven cloth to dry the parts one by one and do not leave the surface of the parts such as wire bristles, or blow dry with clean nitrogen.
  6. Use non-woven fabric or precision filter paper dipped in analytical pure alcohol to wipe each part until there is no dirty color.

Assembly Requirements

The cleaned parts must be sealed and stored for installation. The requirements for the installation process are as follows:

  1. The installation workshop must be clean, or a temporary clean area within the workshop needs to be set up by resorting to solutions such as applying newly purchased color striped cloth or plastic film, etc., to prevent dust from entering during the installation process.
  2. The assembly workers must wear clean cotton overalls, pure cotton caps, clean shoes, plastic gloves, degreasing, etc.
  3. The assembly tools must be degreased and cleaned before the assembly process in order to ensure cleanliness.

Other Requirements

  1. Purge the assembled valve with nitrogen for at least 1 minute.
  2. The air tightness test must be conducted with pure nitrogen.
  3. After passing the airtight test, seal it with a clean polyethylene cap. The polyethylene cap should be soaked in organic solvent and wiped clean before use.
  4. Then seal it with a vacuum bag.
  5. Final packing.
  6. Measures must be taken to ensure that the package is not damaged during transportation.

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