What is a Pneumatic Valve

What is a Pneumatic Valve

What is a Pneumatic Valve

Principle analysis of pneumatic valve

What is a Pneumatic Valve. Pneumatic valves are not unfamiliar to everyone. Generally speaking, as long as they can maintain a normal flow rate, they can save space.

When using a single-acting pneumatic valve, you should choose normally open or normally closed functions.

Pneumatic valves are widely used for frequent start-ups in a short period of time, with the characteristics of sensitive response and accurate action, and are used with solenoid valves.

Pneumatic control can accurately control the flow of gas and liquid, and can achieve the requirements of accurate temperature control and dripping liquid.

Our valve series products are made of stainless steel casting and polytetrafluoroethylene, which can be used in most gas, liquid, steam and corrosive occasions.

It has a radiator to protect the actuator. To ensure that the pneumatic valve has a long life and flexible installation position, the positioning of the pressure port needs to be facilitated.

This is achieved by the actuator housing rotating for 350 degrees to enhance flexibility and attaching a standard display of open or closed status.

Installation Procedure of the Pneumatic Valve

  1. The first step to install a pneumatic valve is to check its model and parameters that need to pass the needs of on-site installation and technical requirements . Check the cylinder and position indicator of the pneumatic valve to ensure that there is no damage.
  2. Before installation, we need to clean the pipeline of the pneumatic valve. If there are impurities in the quality, then it is necessary to install a filter pressure reducing valve on the pipeline in front of the valve. As indicated by the arrow on the valve body, if the pneumatic valve is equipped with a solenoid valve, pay attention to the connection to ensure good sealing. When the pneumatic valve needs to be connected by welding, avoid high temperature transmission to the packing of the pneumatic valve.
  3. Pneumatic valves need regular maintenance to ensure its longer life and also ensure its reliable opening and closing. The thread of the valve stem of the pneumatic valve often rubs against the nut of the valve stem. It is necessary to apply some yellow dry oil, molybdenum disulfide or graphite powder for lubrication to avoid degradation by friction.
  4. For valves that are not frequently switched on and off, it is necessary to rotate the hand wheel regularly and add lubricant to the valve stem threads to avoid degradation by friction. This can prevent the phenomenon of seizure. In the case of an outdoor valve, a protective sleeve should be added to the valve stem to prevent rain, snow, dust, rust and dirt.

The above article is an introduction into analysis of the principle of the pneumatic valve, as well as the relevant content of the steps to install the pneumatic valve. Hopefully, it will be helpful to everyone. Please stay valves and properly mainta.

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